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Azerbaijan – Tradition meets modernity

Azerbaijan Tradition meets modernity  “The land of fire” The capital Baku and also the country is not very well known, but since the country won the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 it has become more famous. The country is of course not a typical travel destination but we can highly recommend traveling there.   This great […]

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka + Photostory   Because of his great national parks Sri Lanka is a real paradise for nature lovers. Unfortunately, the Tsunami in 2004 destroyed a lot. Nevertheless, the people in Sri Lanka stayed always positive and they are trying to extend the tourism as fast as possible by building a lot of new […]


Ho Chi Minh A country that is getting more beautiful every year. It was our first visit, but according to a lot of reports and people we talked to the country about said, it developed so much. You can see millions of scooters in the city, it´s quite cool to see the traffic in Ho Chi  […]

16 Interesting facts about Armenia

When you buy a tour to Armenia you should know certain things about the country. Here are, to our mind, 16 most interesting facts about Armenia. 1. Armenia is an ancient country Armenia, along with Iran, China, Greece, Egypt and Japan, is among the 6 ancient countries that have survived for thousands of years. Armenia […]


Georgia is still an unspoiled country without any mass tourism and many facinating areas to explore! The beautiful country in the Caucasus is around 70.000 square kilometers big and has around 3,7 million inhabitants. The hospitality in Georgia is great and whats more then amazing is the stunning mountains and lakes with its awesome panorama […]


Why Armenia? We think this country is not very well known certainly there isn´t tourism yet. That was one of the reason we decided it to go check it out. Armenia is somewhere between Asia and Europe. The official language is Armenian, one of the oldest languages in the world and the second language is […]


Luang Prabang Sooo now we just arrived at our third destination during our big South-east Asia trip. Incredible how time flies! For our roundtrip through Laos we also had 6 days and of course we were really looking forward for a guide this time. We booked our guide in advance from Germany! We started in […]


After a very hard journey, from Yangon we finally reached Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia. Normally the way is not this long, but all flights were extremely delayed, so it took us the whole day to reach our destination. Fortunately, the way from the airport to our hotel “The Plantation Urban Resort” was very […]


 Myanmar Up till now,there is absolutely no mass tourism, but the country is finally opening their borders. A couple of years ago it wasn’t easy at all to visit Myanmar because it was strictly controlled by the army. But fortunately it is now easy to visit Myanmar and we have to say it is more […]