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Media Kit


Madlovelyworld is still quite new in the “blogger world” and we are specialized in travel with local guides worldwide and we love to travel to countries were there is no mass tourism at all. We are providing all the contact details from our personal guides where we had good experiences. We think that it’s much easier to travel to with a local guide, you learn so much more about the country, get the best insider information and you can really see how the locals live.




• Individual research journeys

When we travel to remote, or less touristy areas, we do all the research while we travel and afterwards we write a fair and unbiased review of our trip.

• Co-operating with PR agencies, airlines and more (etc.)
If you are interested in co-operating, or you have a product which would suit our

travel blog we would really like to hear from you.

• Contest and tombola
If you have a product that you would like to advertise we can raffle it as a prize in

one of our competitions.

• Guest article and reports
If you have an article which suits our blog, we would love to support your work, please contact us.

In case you have any other creative ideas or suggestions please send us a message: info@madlovelyworld.com

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