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Cook Islands

  Are you looking for an exciting exotic holiday destination? Then look no further, you should fly as soon as possible to the Cook islands. This place is very special and it’s a real pleasure to visit this amazing island without any mass tourism. The island is the pearl of the South Sea. The Cook […]


The special city Cusco is located in Southern Peru with appr. 350,000 inhabitants. The center of it, is where you can find small lively streets swarming with tourists. Our 10-days journey begins here at an altitude of 3400 meters. The altitude takes getting used to, but you can acclimatize well. However let’s start our journey […]

Galapagos Islands

Visit the Galapagos Islands once … nowhere else in the world is an archipelago so protected. We sampled this unique natural experience via a cruise ship called of the Celebrity Experience and is without a doubt the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. Only a few islands are uninhabited […]


  The Golden Triangle Tour Namaste! We have always been on the fence about traveling to India. The land of extreme contrasts, colors and emotions. In a way. We really wanted to travel to India because sometimes we all somehow have our own image of it in our minds. On the flip side  we had […]

Safari Road Trip

  Have you always dreamed of going on safari and following in the footsteps of the “Big Five“? Tanzania, one of the most animal-rich countries in Africa. Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Tarangire were on our list. We wanted to take the adventure into our own hands and travel through the wilderness with a typical real Safari […]

Flight Safari

Flight Safari Africa


Travel report Nepal Nepal, honestly our imaginations for what to expect were a little bit different before reaching Nepal. Nepal is usually known for its trekking tours and most tourists head for Mount Everest from here. We are not the biggest trekking fans however, as visitors to Nepal we would be an absolute exception. We […]


The warm heart of Africa   We love extraordinary travel destinations, and of course Malawi is one of those. At the world best travel exhibition ITB 2017 we became aware of this great unique place on earth in the heart of Africa. After we heard so many great things about Malawi, we started to plan […]


Namibia… you directly start to dream. We had a picture in our head of us crossing the beautiful steppe of Africa in our car. We were planning to see the wonderful cities like Windhoek– Swakopmund and  the Etosha National Park, and of course our personal highlight, the small city Lüderitz. This dream stopped one week […]


3 wonderful days in Tallin  On our trip to Russia we stopped for 3 days in Tallinn, this made it possible to enter Belarus without a visa. Estonia is the most northern country of the Baltic countries and has a lot of similarities with the Scandinavian countries. In this country, Skype was invented and of […]

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