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Namibia… you directly start to dream. We had a picture in our head of us crossing the beautiful steppe of Africa in our car. We were planning to see the wonderful cities like Windhoek– Swakopmund and  the Etosha National Park, and of course our personal highlight, the small city Lüderitz. This dream stopped one week […]


3 wonderful days in Tallin  On our trip to Russia we stopped for 3 days in Tallinn, this made it possible to enter Belarus without a visa. Estonia is the most northern country of the Baltic countries and has a lot of similarities with the Scandinavian countries. In this country, Skype was invented and of […]

St. Petersburg

     5 days sightseeing in St. Petersburg For a long time it has been a big wish of ours to travel to Russia. Actually it is not so common to travel to Russia, because it takes a little more work and money to apply for the visa, but even this fact makes it more interesting […]


 M o s c o w  Initially you could think that the city is grey and a little bit miserable, and the only pretty thing you can see in the city center is the onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, the emblem of the country. But Moscow has changed our opinion totally. Moscow is a […]


Roadtrip through Morocco Beautiful riads, souks and a dreamlike desert landscape. Everything that we have experienced on our road trip we want to tell you more about and show you our fantastic pictures. Casablanca On the way from Paris-Casablanca we had to check our ticket twice because the airplane was almost full of Chinese people, and […]

Azerbaijan – Tradition meets modernity

Azerbaijan Tradition meets modernity  “The land of fire” The capital Baku and also the country is not very well known, but since the country won the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 it has become more famous. The country is of course not a typical travel destination but we can highly recommend traveling there.   This great […]

San Blas Islands of Panama

San Blas  OMG the San Blas islands are really such a great place. We did a 2 days tour with a catamaran through the Caribbean.  Actually, we wanted to extend our awesome trip for at least 3 days, because it was so amazing. Crystal clear water, white – sandy beaches and such a colorful underwater […]


Panama  Panama City, a city full of skyscrapers which is growing and growing very fast. We spent 5 days in Panama City and after that we did a 3-day sailing trip on the San Blas Islands. A lot of tourists attractions are quite close to each other and it doesn’t cost much time to visit […]

Costa Rica

 Pura Vida is not only a phrase, it is really the way of living in Costa Rica   What most people know about Costa Rica is that the country has a huge and colorful birdlife and of course a lot of volcanos and hot springs. The country is surrounded by the Pacific – and the […]


Nicaragua Ohh Nicaragua, you are sooo beautiful. We totally fell in love. The country is still not so touristy, and that’s what makes it very interesting for us. The country has an amazing nice landscape and up till now there is no mass tourism. The beaches are still pure nature and absolutely not busy, you […]

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