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Cook Islands


Are you looking for an exciting exotic holiday destination? Then look no further, you should fly as soon as possible to the Cook islands. This place is very special and it’s a real pleasure to visit this amazing island without any mass tourism. The island is the pearl of the South Sea. The Cook islands consist of 15 small islands between Fiji and Tahiti.

How do you get there ?

There are a lot of flights from Australia and New Zealand even flights once a week from L.A nonstop to Rarotonga.

With Ukulele-Sounds and fresh flower necklaces we were pleasantly welcomed at the Rarotonga Airport, and honestly that was really awesome, we haven’t been welcomed like this before, just perfect.

On the island we rented an Air BnB accommodation with our own private pool. We even had our own pet! Every morning there was a small dog waiting for us, just like our home.

Air BnB House + Pool

Fun Fact: Most of the dogs on the island don’t have an owner, because the dogs decide who the owner is. Most of the time when they’re on the beach and  just visit the tourists when they’re swimming or resting under a palm tree. We were very happy the small dog at our house chose us to be her master. The colorful collars displayed told us that they’re vaccinated and that somebody takes care of them regularly.


The island is small but has a nice size. We rented a scooter for 10 NZD a day. You only need around 35 mins by scooter to circuit the whole island. There are no official Traffic signs like traffic lights or crossways. And you won’t find any building higher than the coconut palms.






We spent more time with the dogs on the beach than somewhere else

People with happy faces were coming towards us all the time and they were always spreading good mood and extreme hospitality. Once after dinner in a lovely restaurant just as we were jumping onto our scooter a man asked us if we wanted to join him for a beer, what should we say but for sure, so we had a couple more beers, he was a very fun guy and we had an amazing time in his company.


Things to do



Honestly it’s just amazing and easy to avail of,  at every small beach you can rent snorkeling equipment to admire the beautiful and colorful underwater world. Rarotongas lagoon -ocean reserve contains an impressive coral formation and a huge number of colorful tropical fish. A divers paradise and definitely one of the best in the world.



The runway is nearly 3 kilometer long and because it’s so close to the street it’s possible to see the airplanes taking off and landing so close to us.  This is for sure a little bit dangerous but anyway there are a lot of tourists watching the airplanes come and go.

Walking Tour

If you want to experience the life of locals in Rarotonga and get a behind the scenes what’s going around on the island, book a tour walking tour with Tumutoa the Coconut Warrior

Punanga Nui Market

Shopping trips on the Punanga Nui Market starts every Saturday at 8 am.

You can find fresh fruits and veggies, smoothies and handmade souvenirs, local artworks and the popular flower crowns.


You should visit the great restaurants and beach bars , you can meet new people and enjoy the delicious food.

  • Kai & Co. a small little shop that serves vegan wraps, smoothy bowls and THE BEST coffee.
  • Beluga is a collaboration of excellent food and smooth rich coffee located in the heart of Arorangi between the Raemaru Mountain and the ocean
  • Aqua Café a beautiful poolside Polynesian style café and cocktail bar



If you’ve never visited Rarotonga, Aitutaki and the Cook Islands before, read on and discover what so many of our regular visitors already know. We are a laid back destination and people, where everything is easy and there is a sense of freedom everywhere you go.


Enjoy every day what beauty the island has to offer and just relax 

You have to check the website beautiful Website about Cook Island

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Tourists do not need a visa for visits of up to 31 days. You must have an onward or return ticket and a valid visa for the next country you’re travelling to. If you’re staying longer than 31 days in The Cook Islands or Niue you may needs a visa or entry on arrival permit





Local time

You can read the local times here

High season

The best time for Cook Islands here




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