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3 wonderful days in Tallin 

On our trip to Russia we stopped for 3 days in Tallinn, this made it possible to enter Belarus without a visa. Estonia is the most northern country of the Baltic countries and has a lot of similarities with the Scandinavian countries. In this country, Skype was invented and of course, the internet is very important.Nowadays there are a lot of cheap nonstop flights from Germany with several airlines, for example, Ryan air. So it is a great trip for a long weekend


The city is quite small and cute, and you can walk everywhere !! We recognized very quickly that the the city is very unique because part of the city is very modern and the other is old and has a great history . The modern side shows how much the city has developed in the last few years . The infrastructure is getting better each year so as to make everything as convenient as possible and many new office and residential buildings are being built. Billions of euro are being subsidized by the EU.


Small and Compact

Tallinn has a beautiful and well preserved old town.Surrounded by a great wall is the beautiful medieval town, this is now a  UNESCO World Heritage Sight. When you walk through the old town gate you feel like you have been sent a couple of hundred years back in the time to the middle ages. Small alleys and old hanseatic houses give Tallinn such great flair. A lot of restaurants present this same image and it gives the city a very unique and great atmosphere. The city has a lot of pubs with live music and some waiters are dressed in medieval costume. What a great atmosphere! It is really amazing how well preserved the old town is, and by the way, from the terrace, you have the best view over the whole city.


The Rukis Café with homemade cakes and delicious croissants is sensational. The order can take a long time but the quality is amazing! <3 We can highly recommend the daily breakfast


Beautiful alleys


Unfortunately also in Tallinn there is so much tourism , and of course, this is the main income source of the city. Approximately 9 million visitors come here every year. That’s a huge number for such a small city and it is getting bigger every year. A lot of cruise ships also stop there every year,  most of them during the summer.

Many small shops of this kind can be found everywhere


Beautiful medieval designed boutiques invite you to browse

On the other side of the old town, you can see the complete opposite, new buildings with great architecture. A good example is the SEB building, very modern and eye-catching because of it’s inclined glass front. We think the city will grow a lot in the next years and many more modern buildings will be built.

The most conspicuous modern building in the city – the S E B bulding

The skyline of Tallin



We think Tallinn is a great city. The food, the people and the atmosphere are really great. Everything was great! The country is totally different when compared to Latvia and Lithuania, in our opinion. Unfortunately, 3 days is really too short for this city, but we are planning a road trip through Estonia and we will write more about the beautiful nature that we experience in our next report.

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