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Flight Safari Africa

South Africa – Botsuana- Namibia

Bumpy and dusty airstrips – animals on the runway. Here the clocks tick differently. This is exactly what we have experienced and this is the adventure of Africa.

We planned our draf flying route for approximately 14 days at home. South Africa – Botswana-Namibia. However which accommodation and which airstrip we should take we did not know. Everything was planned day by day. 

In Tedderfield Airpark where the Airplane Factory from the Sling 2 airplane is located, we got a small briefing for the airplane and a little instruction regarding how the paperwork in Africa works

Sling Aircraft Briefing


Sling Aircraft


Route 1:  Tedderfield Airpark FATA – Pilanesberg FAPN – Maun Airport FBMN

On the first day we had to fly two airports. Pilanesberg: We took Pilanesberg as a stopover in order to be able to leave South Africa. At this airport you need to be patient. It takes a long time until you get back all of your papers. As we wanted to enter Botswana and Maun and because it is a controlled international airport, we needed a flight plan. To open a flight plan you have to call Johannesburg information. Allow at least 1-2 hours for this. The staff are very relaxed!!!!

Airport Pinesburg

Airport Pilanesburg – South Africa


Maun Airport FBMN is the main airport for bush pilots. A lot of small airplanes take off from there for flight safaris to the Onkawanka Delta etc. 


  • Avgas available
  • Pay by cash or credit card

Team Maun Airport.


Accommodation : Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa


We can warmly recommend a driver who can pick you up from the airport. 

Roman Taxi  Tel: +267 75873774

Due to the extreme dry season, we could not take advantage of some activities, such as  Safari etc. no animals there.

Route 2. Maun FPMN – SERONGA

The first route was just focused on arriving and getting familiar with our surroundings during the flight. On the 2nd route we really enjoyed the flight. We flew from Maun direct SERONGA through the Onkawanga Delta. It was an incredible feeling to fly through the middle of the national park. Unfortunately the park was really dry. There was a lack of water and many rivers and lakes that are marked on the map were all dried out. Those of us who have good eyes, can see some antelopes and elephants from above. The animals are all very relaxed and did not not get irritated by a low flight.  Awesome!!!

The Airstrip in SERONGA is a typical sandi airstrip and it was easy to find. However, there were a few of goats on the strip that had to be chased away with a low landing approach. You have to make a low approach over the runway every time in order to look for deep holes or  such things which could be on the runway.

Cockpit Sling Aircraft // ready for take off

We spent two days in the Guma Lagoon Lodge. You can go there just with a boat. The lodge owners will send somebody to pick you up from the airstrip. As a result of the weather changing all the time we decided to call the accommodation while we took off. Otherwise the driver would have had to wait a long time at the strip. 

The boat trip to the lodge takes approximately 1.,5 hours. With luck you can see a lot of different birds or hippos. We can highly recommend the Guma Lagoon Lodge


Tent Lodge

Direct lake view


Route 3  SBSeronga – Kasane FBKE

Kasane is a very new big airport. There is not much traffic and the radio communication was confusing.

    Avgas available

    Pay by cash or credit card

Landing fees and to prepare a flight plan is a bit easier. They have an extra office for pilots. Taxis are not available, you have to call the accommodation where you are going to get picked up.



Our accommodation was not nice. We can’t recommend that, I’m afraid. Nevertheless the boat trip on the Chobe River is really good. Relaxwith a glassof wine or a beer in your hand and you can observe all the animals at the river bank such as grazing hippos. Crocodiles were sunbathing with an open mouth and sometimes the swimming hippos surrounded the boat.


Route 4 Kasane FBKE – Ondangwa FYOA – Epupa Falls FBEPUPA


This route was really challenging for us. We thought a long time about taking the risk.  Actually it was not a risk, but the 5 hours flight in this heat was a big challenge. A direct flight to the Epupa Falls would be too far away. 

Therefore a stopover in Onsangwa was required. Here you can refill your airplane with avgas and officially enter the country. 

Attention: You have to order the customer service before you enter the country and you need an extra document NAMIBIA OVERFLIGHT / LANDING AUTHORIZATION with a rough idea of the route where you want to go. This was done by our landlord from the Air Sling Factory. As a matter of fact we did not need the document. Notwithstanding that fact it is better to have it with you because that is the rule. 

You need patience here with about 1,5 – 2 hours to spare until you are done with all the paperwork and so on and so forth.

With a full tank and a stamp in our passport we could finally move on and we flew directly to our final destination Epupa Falls. From a desert it transforms into a mountainous region 5500 ft. high and we zig zagged along the river bordering Angola. The Airstrip in Epupa Falls was hard to find. After several attempts we finally found the little strip. The low approach was successful and the runway was flat enough for a safety landing. Also this place was in the middle of nowhere and you have to order a driver before you arrive at the airstrip to pick you up. We did it in Ongawanga.

While lashing down and securing the airplane some bushmen can come up to you and ask you for money. Just ignore them.

Anflug Airstrip Epupa Falls

Approach Airstrip Epupa Falls

Sling Aircraft

Happy 🙂


We can highly recommend the accommodation in the Epupa Falls. It was really hot at this time and they did not have an air conditioner in the rooms. Nonetheless the food was amazing. So fresh and so scrumptious.  

The owner of the lodge was really nice and helpful. We stayed here two days.

This route was really hard for us and we would not take the route the 2nd time. It is better to split the route up. 

Rote 5 – EPUPA Falls – Moevenbay Airstrip – Swakopmund FYSM

The Moewebay Airstrip is a little Insider Tipp. Before we flew along the skeleton coast we had a stopover in Moewebay. An Airstrip between the coast and desert in the middle of nowhere.

The Airstrip was sandy and looked like a white beach. There is nothing there, just a house with a hangar. So we could park the airplanes in the shades and enjoyed the fresh air with a deep breath and a little walk. Otherwise there is nothing.



After a 30 minutes break we went back to the plane and we flew along the famous Skeleton Coast towards Swakopmund. It is an absolutely beautiful view from above to fly along the divide between the coast and the desert. With a good view you can see an old wreck or in our case a stranded whale.


The Swakopmund Airport was not easy to find. The tower was not occupied and you need to communicate „blind“ with the other pilots and there were. And a lot of skydiversskydiver in the air. The Airport was big but hard to see. You could notńt see a difference between the runway and its surroundings.

    Avgas is available

    Pay by cash or credit card

Swakopmund city is typically Ggerman. The pedestrian zone looks like the small cities in Germany.

The „Deutsche Brauhaus“ we can highly recommend for traditional fare. From Wiener Schnitzel to Schweinshaxe is all there.

Route 6 Swakopmund – Apfelstrudel in Solitaire– Duwisib Castle FBDuwisib

From Swakopmund we went direct to Duwisib with a stopover in Solitaire. There you can eat the best apple pie. There is a bakery and petrol station in the middle of the desert. Unfortunately we had a bad time stopping there, because a lot of groups were stoppingstops there. It was a long time waiting for us to taste the „apple pie“

If you want, you can stay here. They have accommodation



Soussusvlei – Was on our way and we circled over a big dessert. It was unbelievable how creative nature is. How beautiful is this?! It’s famous for massive dunes and ancient camel thorn trees.


Duwisib Farmlodge

This is a really nice Lodge where we stayed the 2nd time and we missed the lodge so much which is isolated on a hillside. The owners Jochen and his son Christian live here. This area is so quiet, we really enjoyed it. What’s more is that the home cooking food is so delicious!

The private airstrip is located next to the lodge

Duwisib Airstrip

favorite pool

Beautiful sunset

Route 7 – Duwisib Farmlodge – Lapa Lange Game Lodge

A green oasis in a dry desert. Wow what view from above. This place has impressed us. Especially the airstrip with its own hangar. The sun is very strong and it is good to park there. The owner of the lodge was really proud to welcome us.

Here you live directly at an artificial waterhole where you can later watch the elephants and other animals feeding and drinking at sunset. If you like, you can book a romantic safari picnic tour with them. 


Hier wohnt man direkt an einem künstlich angelegten Wasserloch, wo später bei Sonnenuntergang die Elefanten, Giraffen und Co. Bei der Fütterung zusehen kann. Wer möchte kann auch eine Art Safari Tour buchen und mitten in der Steppe ein romantisches Picknick machen.

And you can see 3 cheetahs who live atone the lodge and if your brave enough. And you can touch them. 



Route 8 Lapa Lange Game Lodge – Keetmanshoop

We used the route to exit Namibia and for to refill with avgas

For Keetmanshoop you have to order Avgas 2-3 days before you arrive. Somebody will bring you the Avgas in a special trailer.

–    Avgas available (you have to order before)

–    Pay only cash

Route 9 Keetmanshoop – Upington

We had to have a stopover in Upington for an official entry back to South AfricaAlso for Upington you have to organize the customer service before you arrive at the airport. 

Route 10 Upington – Almar Exclusive Game Ranch

The 900 hectare ranch with its own airstrip was amazing. A lovely family runs the large hunting ranch in Bloemhof. For people who own a hunting license or generally want to hunt with, it would be the best opportunity. Louaan is a passionate hunter and loves his job. As you can imagine the food there is excellent. 


Thanks a lot Louaan for the great stay with you!!



Game Ranch

The airstrip is not to be foundon the navigation system for example sky demon. You have to create your own route with google maps and compare it with sky demon (for example).


…Back to Tedderfield


To rent an airplane: Conditions


 You need a validation of your license which means

  • Do a Theory exam in a flying school somewhere in Africa and a checkflight but your validation is forever
  • Or you can get a 28 day validation. It is just paperwork and a checkflight – only for 28 days, not longer. Otherwise you have to  do the regular validation.



  • Route 1. Tedderfield Airpark FATA – Pilanesberg FAPN – Maun Airport FBMN
  • Route 2. Maun FPMN – SERONGA
  • Route 3  SBSeronga – Kasane FBKE
  • Route 4 Kasane FBKE – Ondangwa FYOA – Epupa Falls FBEPUPA
  • Rote 5 EPUPA Falls – Moevenbay Airstrip – Swakopmund FYSM
  • Route 6 Swakopmund – Apfelstrudel in Solitaire– Duwisib Castle FBDuwisib
  • Route 7  Duwisib Farmlodge – Lapa Lange Game Lodge
  • Route 8 Endstation Lapa Lange Game Lodge – Keetmanshoop
  • Route 9 Keetmanshoop – Upington
  • Route 10 Upington – Almar Exclusive Game Ranch
  • Route 11 back to Tedderfield 

Thank you very much James! You have achieved great things and developed a great airplane for great adventures!

If you are in the mood for an adventure and you own a licence , then we can highly recommend the Sling Aircraft. A robust and easy to use machine!

If you have any questions about our trip or the Sling Aircraft, feel free to contact us.

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