Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos Islands

Visit the Galapagos Islands once … nowhere else in the world is an archipelago so protected. We sampled this unique natural experience via a cruise ship called of the Celebrity Experience and is without a doubt the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. Only a few islands are uninhabited and, in fact, have never been explored by humans. The landscapes are like no other and the terrain is similar to that of another planet. The rules in the national park are strictly adhered to in order to protect this special place from unwanted external influences.

Our itinerary started on Baltra Island. One of two airports on the Galapagos Islands. The other airport is in Guayaquil.

Our connecting taxi boat from the Celebrity Experience was waiting on Baltra to welcome the next guests like us. We were brought to the ship in groups in a rubber dinghy. The Celebrity Experience is a small ship with only approx. 40 passengers on board + staff.

Let me take you with us through the next few paragraphs to marvel at the beauty and its incredible flora and fauna.


Baltra - Ablegehafen für die Kreuzfahrtschiffe

Safety first 😉

The animal world in particular has a very special relationship with humans, because they do not see humans as a threat. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to observe the animals as closely as possible. Seals and turtles drifted through water while we were snorkeling, and even small sharks could be seen lying on the bottom.

This place is a paradise …

Our cruise route:


  • Baltra
  • North Seymour Island
  • South Plaza (Santa Cruz)
  • Santa Fe Island
  • Punta Pitt (San Cristobal
  • Cerro Brujo (San Cristobal)
  • Cormorant Point
  • Elizabeth Bay
  • Moreno Point (Isabella)
  • Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz)
  • Gardner Bay (Española)
  • Suarez Point (Española)
  • Mosquera Islet (Galapagos)
  • Baltra




With rugged volcanic rocks and the sun beaming down, I understood why they say the sun is the strongest at the equator. Usually, the water on the Galapagos Islands is very cold. Even penguins have gotten lost here and adapted to the environment. Our first excursion was also the first island called North Seymour Island, it was clear the landscape looked remarkably different. The cold water of the Pacific feeds sea creatures and land animals that we were able to thrive here. We learned an incredible amount about the animals that live here on the various islands because as you can see, the island looks dry and barren which must be difficult for the flora and fauna. There are hardly any plants and trees on the island. The lizards feed mainly on the marine life. Sometimes you feel a little moment of time travel where you are  being beamed back into the age of the dinosaur. Only on a miniature scale – these creatures are just incredibly interesting …

The underwater world …

It is worth diving and snorkeling here. The underwater world is so diverse that there is something to marvel at in every “corner”. Colorful fish, seals looking for food or just wanting to play … turtles that don’t let themselves be deterred and swim past you. Fish that hide between the reefs and look at us with big eyes or small water sharks that have laid down on the seabed and “rest” …


Schnorcheln durch die Unterwasserwelt im Pazifik

snorkeling through the underwater world in the Pacific Ocean


Seerobbe unter Wasser

just beautiful…..



World of lizards

Land iguana

Black marine iguana 


death iguana

The marine iguanas can dive well and catch their food from the water and belong to the endemic iguana species. They are vegetarian and feed on algae and marine plants and are the only lizards that are in search of food in the sea.

Blue-footed booby bird


The most famous bird on the Galapagos Islands is the blue-footed booby. Some of them live here on the island. Due to the isolated location, there are many endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. The perfect place for nature lovers and bird fans.

Already knew?

Why do blue-footed boobies have blue feet, we asked ourselves the same question …? In contrast to the plumage of the flamingos, the blue-footed boobies have blue feet because they eat particularly well. The blue-footed booby absorbs pigments called carotenoids, which are contained in the fish. Scientists have also shown that the healthier the bird, the bluer the feet.


There are a lot oaf different types of birds


The Galapagos sea lion

The sea lions are not afraid of people – neither on the beach nor under water. You can be so close to them that you could theoretically stroke them. Of course, we didn’t do this.

It even goes so far as visitors and locals sharing the stretches of beach, park benches and piers with them.

Hi friend….



The Galapagos giant tortoises

The oldest turtle George lived here. He died at the age of about 100 years. In three rearing stations on the islands of Santa Cruz, Isabela, and San Cristóbal, you can experience the work of the scientists up close.





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