San Blas Islands of Panama

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San Blas Islands of Panama

San Blas 

OMG the San Blas islands are really such a great place. We did a 2 days tour with a catamaran through the Caribbean.  Actually, we wanted to extend our awesome trip for at least 3 days, because it was so amazing.

Crystal clear water, white – sandy beaches and such a colorful underwater world. A perfect place for relaxing. And you don’t have any cell phone signal and of course also no TV signal.






  The Kuna Yalas

In total the area has 365 different small islands. On some islands, you find the Kuna Yalas people and some islands are uninhabited. The local people belong to one of the smallest people in the world and they are speaking there own language in this ,,autonomic area“. By the way just a small hint, the people on the island are looking a little bit weird, thats maybe because incest is normal for the Kuna YalasTo enter the islands, you have to ask them for permission.

Some were asking for money and some don’t want you to enter their island at all. And like in every place in the world you also have to ask before you take a picture. Most of the people are quite shy.

Kuna Gala Frau



San Blas Puppy

A little cute puppy <3


To reach the islands you really need a stabil stomach. There are a couple of transport companies which are bringing people from Panama City to the place where the boats are starting to the islands. We can recommend it and we think it is quite reasonable to take a good company with experience. The transfer takes around 2-3 hours and this can be quite long because the way is really hilly. It is not a bad idea to take travel pills with you just in case you get sick from the up and down and the way has also a lot of curves.

If you don’t like this way of traveling you can also fly with a small Cessna to these islands. Next time we prefer to fly. At the dock, the Kuna Yalas were responsible for us. They were transferring the tourists by speedboats to the islands. It takes around 30-40 min.





Chris and Zulu our skippers organized 2 memorable days for us. Zulu really likes to cook. She prepared always a great fresh meal for us with a lovely glass of wine. Chris brought us to the greatest spots on the islands a did a lot of great activities with us. A really nice couple that we can highly recommend to book as skippers. Zule and Chris are living most of the time on the awesome catamaran and love to share their life with tourists from all over the world.

Couple San Blas

Chris und Zule <3 a lovely couple

Thank you so much for the unforgettable trip! Unfortunately they are not available anymore.



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⁃          speedboat 20 Dollar per person one way

⁃          border 20 Dollar per person

⁃          transport one way 50 Dollar (share) or 150 Dollar per person one way (Privat)













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