Zanzibar – The beginning of our world diary

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Zanzibar – The beginning of our world diary

Our first trip to Zanzibar and you could almost say „Honeymoon“

We flew with Condor Airline from Frankfurt to Zanzibar with a short stop in Mombasa. The Airport of Zanzibar is very simple. The luggage was individually taken from the airplane to the terminal from the staff. There wasn´t a baggage carousel. After we got our luggage, we were looking for a taxi, which we quickly found. We didn´t exchange money there, because we already changed our money at home.

The ride from the Airport to the hotel takes about 1 ½ hours, depending traffic. Left and right you could see unstable shops where they sold many shit things. You also saw busses and Pick-Up´s filled with people on top of each other.


“Welcome in another world. The beginning of our Worlddiarybook


We arrived with a lot of new impressions at our Hotel La Gemma dell´Est.


A gorgeous polished hotel where, they have everything. The staff welcomed us with a cold fresh- drink and care of our luggage. We could check-in very quickly and moved to our room. We have booked a double room deluxe with a directly ocean view Wow… so amazing! The whole room smelled very flowery. Certainly even the toilet.

The room was very clean. In the morning the rooms were cleaned the room like in every hotel. And in the evening, the staff spread the mosquito net over the bed and put a praline on our pillow.

Der wunderschöne Ausblick aus unserem Zimmer



The Hotel and Beach

After we moved in our room, we decided to go out to see the whole hotel grounds. We were very lucky, because the hotel was not too filled of people. You could get a sunbed everywhere without a reservation with your f*** towel.

The water has a colour of turquoise and it is so clean. The sand is white like powdered sugar. And in the middle a restaurant on a pier. A bit of Maldives….

The security monitored the whole hotel complex to banish the beachboys. But a few beachboys still came to us. We bought a necklace from them. Since then, they left us alone.

In the evening we enjoyed the sunset at the Sunsetbar with delicious beer and cocktails and watched the fishermen.




Short trip to Stone Town and Prison Island

Our private day trip to Stone Town / Prison Island and the jungle we booked directly from the hotel by TUI. They gave us a private guide, his name was Ali and a driver. Ali picked us up very early from the hotel with a big van including air conditioning. We drove directly to the jungle, because we had a long day ahead of us. In the jungle there are monkeys <3

The little monkeys behaved like a model. We could take pictures in every perspective. They know the annoying tourists. After the jungle we went directly to Stone Town City.


Stone Town is the capital of of Zanzibar. The population is 250 000 people and it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. You couldn´t see any cars in down town. Actually very enjoyable when you go shopping in little side streets.

Ali reserved a boat for us, because we wanted to go snorkelling and to see the big turtles on the island. Prison Island was only for slaves. In the past from there they sold the slaves. After the slavetime the island was a quarantine station for yellow fever. Now since 1919 live there the Alabra Turtles and proliferated. The oldest turtle is 188 years old and has an identification on his shell.



In the 19th century Stone Town was trading with slaves. A monument remembers bad time in the history Zanzibar. In a special building next to the church we visited a dark room where slaves were held before they were sold to other countries. They laid on a heap. That must be horrible.

But Stone Town has also nice corners. There are cafés and shops. Stown Town is very interesting with a big history.








La Gemma dell´Est Hotel


50 Dollar, directly at the airport


Tanzania Shilling TSH
US-Dollar very popular in this country.
You must pay in any tourism attractions like national parks or immigration
Mostly you must pay cash. Not many ATM´s available

The current course you can look up at Oanda


You should looking for a doctor and tell him, which country you visit in the next time.
Malariaprophylaxe is very expensive but the health insurance will pay for it.

Yellow fever:
Yellow fever is very important. Even this will be paid by the health insurance.
Please tell them the situation.
Vaccination card must be available for the entry

Check your vaccination card from the doctor. The health insurance will pay for that.

You can read more about this here



Local time

You can read the local times here

High Season

The best time for Zanzibar here


You can find all entry requirements at the listed embassies


For US Embassy: link
For UK Embassy: link
For AUS Embassy: link

Information about the tour guide

Guide Ussi Ali


Ussi Ali






About Ali

Ali was a funny and a really reliable guy. We had a terrific time with him. He explained us everything and we took care for us very good.
When you are coming to Zanzibar, we can recommend to book and explain the beautiful island.
Thanks a lot for the great day!

Saskia & Bastian



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